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Turkey Food Plot Seed: Chufas

Chufas may be the perfect perennial forage plant for wild turkey food plots. The plants produce nut like subterranean tubers that wild turkeys love. The tubers are very nutritious and high in fat and protein. The chufa plant itself is very hardy. Once established, a chufa food plot will last for years.

To insure your plot survives, be sure the plot is large enough to support your wild turkey population. Wild turkeys will destroy a food plot containing chufas if the grazing pressure is too high. Chufas should be planted after all danger of frost and are most successful in areas of the country with at least 180 frost-free days. Chufas will grow in poor soils and respond well to fertilizer. Plant about 10 lbs per 1/4 acre and be sure not to plant the seed too deep. No more than 1/2 inch deep.

Note: Chufas cannot be shipped to Michigan. Call your local politicians for details.

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