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Deer Food Plot Seed: Shade Blend

We made Shade Blend in response to the hundreds of inquiries we get every year from hunters that ask about seed that will work in a shady food plot. This is a blend of Poa Trivalis, Hard Fescue, Winfred Forage Turnip, Pitau Ladino Clover and Plantain. Poa Trivalis is a low growing, shade tolerant grass. Hard Fescue is a shade tolerant grass produced in Canada and in Oregon. Winfred Forage Turnip is a New Zealand grown forage turnip that we added to give cold season forage. Pitau clove is a large leaf clove that is working well in all our test plots. Plantain is a broadleaf plant that we have used a lot of different conditions. It is a tough plant that thrives in a variety of climatic conditions. Deer tend to nip the outer leaves and eat the very center of the plant. This is great blend for food plots along field roads or in small clearings deep in the woods.

This mix should be planted in an area that receives at least 4 hours of sunlight. It can be planted with minimum tillage. When planting, remove any leaves on the ground in the food plot area, sow the plot, and then barely cover the seed. The seed may be slow to establish if it is very shady and may not be as tall as plots planted in the sun. Four pounds of this mix will plant 1/4 acre.

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